Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to.... become a model Part 1

As we deal with this topic averyday we didnt pay much attention to it, But it seems that young girls and boys are still sort of helpless and desperate when it comes to the question:

"I want to be a model....but how?"

We worked with so many new faces, agencies and scouts during the last decade that we must say that there are many many ways to become a name in the fashion scene. So there is no big truth about how to achieve this. We will try to help you just by telling you a bit about our own experiences with new models, why they achieved it or even why not.

Part 1 is all about what you should be aware of before starting your career as a model. Teen Vogue´s booking director Lara Bonomo shares with us her Top Tips to find out if you are the one, fashion industry was waiting for:

Be realistic
Very few people can be models. Like many other professions, modeling has stringent criteria and exceptions are rarely made. The most important factor is height: The industry minimum is 1.72m for girls and 1.85m for boys.

See if you have what it takes
Contact an agency and send snapshots of yourself. Include your stats - height, age, hair and eye color and bust, hips and waist measurements - and your phone number. Pictures should be taken with natural hair and no makeup and against a white wall.

If you live near a major city, contact individual agencies to see if they have open calls
This is time set aside from consultations with aspiring models. Go to open calls armed with your snapshots. If you don´t live close to a modeling hub, call an agency in a major city and ask if they work with any agencies in your area.

Modeling is not the right path for everyone
There are many other career choices in the modeling industry. Agents, casting directors and models scouts are all necessary and valuable contributors to the business of modeling.

(taken from the book "The Teen Vogue hand Book")

Model Niclas Hüntelmann @ Modelwerk as seen on

As Lara said, clear and clean snapshots are very important. A profesional portfolio is not necessary at this point. Just ask your Mother, a best friend or any other person you feel confident with to help you with taking the photos. Make up is an absolutely NO GO as the agents need the snapshots to get an idea about your skin, hair and body condition. Make also sure that you provide two pictures: A head shot and a full body shot!

As we work with a wide number of agencies and scouts all over the world you can also send us your snapshots an information and we´ll suggest you the best agency for you or we can even introduce you.

In the next "How to...." post we will talk about the next steps, modelbooks and about beeing wary of scams.

We will also post a list with the most important you can start from there ;)

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