What is ScoutBook?

ScoutBook is a blog created by editors but also by its reader.

We post mainly about fashion, style and photography but also about architecture, design or media. Just everything which is catching our attention.

We take pictures of people in the streets because of their stunning looks and style or provide exclusive previews or making ofs of your photo shoots to our readers.

But as one of our readers we invite you to participate in the creation of this awesome blog:

No matter if you are a blogger yourself, a photographer, model (or you want to become one), stylist or just a person who is absolutely passionate about fashion, style and photography, we would love to share your pictures with the world!!

Make your pictures visible to like minded around the globe or simply get inspired by others!

We publish Pictures sent by our readers such as:

-Pictures of yourself and your favourite outfit.
-Pictures you took of others because you liked their style.
-Polaroids of you.
-Polaroids of a model you scouted.
-Pictures you took which are related to style, fashion, design etc...
-Any picture you have been involved (Make sure you have copyrights!)

These are just some ideas of the variety of photos we post. So take your camera and start shooting whatever appears in front of your lens. We are more than excited about your pictures.

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