How can I join?

Everyone with sense of style and passion for fashion and photography can join ScoutBook!

Just send your image providing some information of interest e. g. such as:
Who are you?
Who is the Photographer?
What do we see in the picture?
Where is it taken?
What do you like about the picture?
You have your own blog/homepage?

These are just some examples to give you an idea. Just tell us enough to create a little story about you and your picture. The more you tell us, the more people will know about you and your style!

You are very welcome to send us a link to your own post/blog/homepage, so our readers have the option to get to know you even better!!

We invite you to copy our posts to your blog provided that you credit and link back

Publishing requirements:

All submitted pictures will be evaluated for inclusion into one of the next posts. 

Please lay-out your pictures without description nor credits.
The pictures must not contain descriptive text. It should be purely of a visual nature.
ScoutBook magazine reserves the right not to publish submitted artwork.
Submitted artwork must not include any kind of logo, brand or Trade Mark which is owned by a third party.

Technical Specs:

  • Single page: 475 x 670 px
  • Two page spread or horizontal: 950 x 670 px
  • Acceptable formats: .JPG at 72dpi resolution. RGB color-space.
  • Send as much works as you like.

Necessary Credits:

  • Artists name:
  • E-mail / web:
  • City, Country:
Credits must not appear on the art itself. They will be included in the index, tags or texts by ScoutBook.

Send your picture  and your information to:

By sending us your picture and information you agree to its publication on and on blogs/homepages syndicated to Content provided by our readers may be reposted and copied on other blogs/feeds. ScoutBook is not responsible for any other publication than If you own rights of any content on and you want it to be removed please write to
Please make sure that you own the copyrights of any content you provide to ScoutBook or that the owner agrees to the publication on ScoutBook or that the provided content is open source.

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