Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to become.... a model. Part 2

In part 2 we talk about how to be wary of scams in the model industry.

After sending your pictures to an agency or going to an open call in your home town, how can you be sure that the agency you applied at is a serious one?

Well that is not that difficult. Big and established agencies have good clients. Just have a look at their reference list. If you cant find one (e.g. on the homepage) don´t be shy to ask.

But nowadays there are a lot of smaller, younger agencies popping up, which have smaller and more edgy model boards. Even though many of them dont have the references major agencies have you can find out very quickly if the work serious or not:

Teen Vogue´s Booking Director Lara Bonomo tells us "Any agency that believes in you will often advance you money while working to build your portfolio. Once you begin working, you pay the agency back for its expenditures. If you are asked to pay an agency money up front for the promise to finding you work, kepp searching."

That means if an agency is trying to charge you for test shoots, printing sedcards or simply just for applying at the agency they are most likely trying to cheat you!

So make sure that you take about this with the agency before signing anything. And dont be shy! Asking for your conditions and rights shows just that you are a confident person.

As we explained in Part 1 it is not necesarry and impossible to have complete Model book before applying at an agency. A clear head and Body shot is enough in most cases to have an idea of your potencial as a model. So be aware of people telling you that you need to spend a fortune on photos and test shoots. That is definately not true.

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